Re:wert was born in 2016 in Seoul, South Korea to change the culture of shoe making. We are the shoe solution so that shoes can live beyond the normal wear and tear to become another creation with unique details and sustainable value. We have saved over 6,385 pairs shoes from the landfill, and this is just the start. Our passion is handmade craftsmanship for footwear. Our mission is to save shoes for a better life.
HS Roh - 

Reformation of Wear and Tear

Our passion for footwear and dedication to the craftsmanship challenge us everyday to figure out how to serve the need for better products. And we want to create shoes can last long, also could change the culture of shoe making.
Twenty billion pairs of shoes are produced annually and roughly 300 million end up in landfills. We do not want to add another pair on these. Instead we've been thinking hard how to save them.
We’ve found the solution to reform the wear & tear to become another creation that’s even better design and more value. And as of Oct 2022, we saved 9,385 pairs of shoes that were about to end up in landfill and this is just beginning.

Each pair has it’s own story and we embrace them.

We continue to fight the challenges like material shortages and how to step up with more sustainable ways of supplying from used footwear.

Re-form | Re-design | Re-build | Re-inforce